Well, I am still far from finished and that is fine. We have prescribed ourselves a lot of talking, questioning and listening.

However, it must be done correctly. As a political movement, we should surely not carry out opinion surveys and then implement the most popular answers. We are involved in politics because we want it and that is not arbitrary. Now we need concrete help.

I went to the Green Party because I was looking for a combative alternative to the authoritarian turbo capitalism. I am a passionate democrat and basic democracy appealed to me. And I see the climate catastrophe as a political framework condition: if we do not get a grip on it, everything else is a “subsidiary objection”. Green, therefore. I have not changed a great deal. Has what I accept changed? Yes. We have not come across as a “combative alternative” anymore for a long time, but we also won votes with a… hm, more winsome presence. Great successes in the states.

Blanket criticism of it would be so easy now, I think one could scrounge cheap applause. But it would be too platitudinous. The states are responsible for environmental policy centrally in Austria, also for social matters. The spatial planning in Salzburg and Tyrol, public transport in Vorarlberg and Carinthia, the energy transition in Upper Austria, guaranteed minimum income in Vienna…all of that is such concrete politics that achieves something and must not be exchanged for pure opposition politics with a combative attitude without results. Whenever I hear that my dear friend Birgit Hebein helps individual people in need in Vienna, then it is a more progressive fight than any protest. And that is one of the central questions that I now ask myself: how will we bridge this? No matter whether we are black-blue or red-blue, difficult years lie before us. Not even really neoliberal, but simply corporation-friendly. There will be setbacks in many areas of politics, the environment, equal rights, social matters…

I want the consistent, tough resistance of the Green Party. I want the Green Party to be back at the top in the fight against this development.

However, I also want politics to be made quite concretely in the states and communities, wherever it is possible.

How will we bridge this? For sure not like in recent years. I am really highly interested in this question, quite specifically. I do have ideas, but first I want to read others and think about it. If someone feels like writing me a few lines in the forthcoming days: michel.reimon(at)gruene.at, subject line “Back to the future”. I will read everything, but it will take a while to reply. It must sink in (but I would of course like to answer everything).

Posted by Michel Reimon