The Brexit plans and negotiations of the Brits are so unprofessional and implausible that one cannot stop shaking one’s head.

For example, there is the question of the Northern Ireland border. The majority of the two million northern Irish do not want to be cut off from the Republic of Ireland. They therefore want the freedom to travel, no controls, no customs duties if they drive from their province, which is smaller than Lower Austria, to the other side.

However, the United Kingdom would like to release itself from the customs union and reintroduce precisely that: strict border controls to the EU.

Ultimately there are three solutions:

a)No hard border

b)A hard border between the EU and the UK

c)A hard border between the EU (with Northern Ireland) and GB – so between the island of Ireland and England, Scotland and Wales on the other side of the sea and therefore within the state area of the United Kingdom.

Let’s put it like this: nobody could really want this in GB nor is there a majority for it among the MPs.

What remains is therefore a) or b). Everything else is blabla. However, the situation now is that May does not have a majority in the Parliament for either option – because the wafer-thin majority of Conservatives rests on hardliners who do not want to vote for a) and on northern Irish MPs who do not want to vote for b).

One of the two sides will have to concede in front of their voters to rescue Brexit. Or the Brits remain, but these groups do not want that either (and if Ireland joins Schengen at some point, the northern Irish Brexit supporters will implode in an irrational puff of logic).

The British suggestions therefore remain stuck in a “we want to have our cake and eat it” stage that the EU side cannot engage with seriously. If it is declared like today that the Irish border will remain unchanged and GB will nevertheless control strictly and plan c) is excluded… it is simply contradictory nonsense and everyone knows it.

Posted by Michel Reimon