Here is a selection of organisations that campaign every day for women and girls in Austria/Europe-wide and that we should support:

WAVE Network – Women against violence Europe
WAVE is a Europe-wide active feminist network that campaigns against violence towards women and children. Its “information centre” offers direct support for survivors, an overview of help services and women’s refuges throughout Europe. It publishes scientific research reports about women’s and children’s rights. WAVE supports and networks other women’s organisations.

European Network of Migrant Women
This network is a young platform for NGOs, run by female migrants, that is committed to the rights of migrant women in Europe. Its approach is to advocate their own rights as migrant women and accordingly the network is dedicated to the human rights of fled and migrant women, social empowerment, access to the law and anti-discrimination. In 2016 the network coordinated the initiative #WomensVoices, which demonstrated the protection risks that migrant women in Europe face.

Autonomous women’s refuges
The Verein Autonome Österreichische Frauenhäuser (Association of Autonomous Austrian Women’s Refuges) is a network of 15 autonomous women’s refuges. It offers an information source against violence. Those who wish to help beyond financial donations can fulfil a wish list of specific donated items for people who must live in one of the 15 AÖF women’s refuges and support the cause also in this manner.

LEFÖ – Counselling, education and support for migrant women
LEFÖ is a feminist migrant organisation that since 1985* has been counselling, supporting and accompanying women in various life situations. The concept of LEFÖ is based on the participation, empowerment and self-organisation of migrant women and supports marginalised women* in equal opportunities and participatory possibilities. LEFÖ offers e.g. qualified German and computer courses for migrant women, general social and legal advice in their mother tongue, as well as low-threshold HIV prevention and empowerment for migrant women in sex work.

SOPHIE- Educational service for prostitutes
Sophie offers crisis intervention, legal advice and social counselling, e.g. regarding insurance, tax and registration as a prostitute. In the past, Sophie held regular workshops on a variety of topics such as self-defence, German classes or health. Unfortunately, this area is currently not funded and could be enabled through donations.

Viennese Intervention Unit against Violence in the Family
The intervention initiative offers free and confidential help against violence towards women, domestic violence and stalking. It collects donations to fund safety measures to protect victims of domestic violence and stalking quickly and unbureaucratically and organises concrete support for victims in emergency situations, for example through financial help for food, clothing or children’s school requirements.

sprungbrett – counselling service for girls and young women
Here girls and young women can find information through counselling discussions regarding growing-up issues, job orientation workshops, self-defence courses, as well as other courses and the girl’s hob centre, training at spacelab_girls, where young women are supported in finding out which professional path to take.

TAMAR Advisory centre for abused and sexually abused women, girls and children
TAMAR offers children and young people help and support for processing experiences of sexual abuse and is there for women of all age groups to provide professional help in this process. Female social workers, teachers, psychologists and psychotherapists offer case support, supervision, support at case conferences and coordination of the cooperation with colleagues from other institutions.


HOSI Vienna
The Homosexual Initiative (HOSI) Vienna campaigns for compliance with basic and human rights and the complete legal equalisation of homosexuals in all areas of life, especially also in the area of partnership and parenthood. It campaigns against all, especially structural forms of discrimination due to sexual orientation. HOSI Vienna carries out educational and public relations work to dismantle existing prejudices against homosexuals and supports them through advice and help in their personal coming-out process.

TransX – Association for transgender persons
It holds regular gatherings in the group room of the Rosa-Lila-Villa with advisors and the like-minded, providing advice and help in crisis situations. TransX arranges excursions, workshops and festivities, participates in (transgender-specific) political actions and works towards the overcoming of legal restrictions and the abolishment of discrimination in everyday life, within the family and at work.

Lambda Legal Committee
The Lambda Legal Committee advocates equal rights and equal opportunities, as well as the elimination of any discrimination against homosexual and transgender men and women in all areas of the law. It provides strategic legal guidance for the equalisation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexual people and is successful with this at the European Court of Human Rights and the constitutional and administrative court. In 2015, for example, in a case represented by Lambda, the constitutional court was the first court in Europe to lift the ban on joint adoption by homosexual registered couples.


The Hemayat association offers traumatized people psychological support. It is a centre for interpreter-supported medical, psychological and psychotherapeutic support for survivors of torture and war.

Queerbase helps and supports lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders* and interpersons (LGBTIQ*) who have fled to Austria. Queerbase offers: regular asylum consultation for all those with questions about asylum and LGBTIQ*, networking with the community, support in social matters, mediation for legal matters with competent support and organisation of housing for refugees/asylum seekers who have come to Austria due to persecution on account of their sexual identity/orientation.

Posted by Michel Reimon