Yesterday I was asked at #procontra on Puls4 whether Putin’s Russia represents a military threat for Europe. Here’s a brief example to demonstrate that Putin may not be a specific military but by all means a political threat: Putin’s aim is to divide and weaken the European Union so that he can assert his unrestrained influence. A project for this purpose is the highly disputed gas pipeline Nordstream 2, with which Putin wants to build a direct line from Germany to Russia.

The goal is: to circumvent the Ukraine and Poland and cut them off from the gas market, to make the EU depending on European energy suppliers and therefore susceptible to blackmail. This would endanger relations between the EU and the Ukraine and divide the Union according to Putin’s calculations. The chancellor Sebastian Kurz supports this project that the Russian Gazprom wants to operate with OMV.

Merkel has just withdrawn support for this Putin-Kurz project. Denmark, Poland, the Baltic States, the European People’s Party and the EU Commission are against the project, only black-blue is backing Putin’s division politics and decisively against the Union – as was already the case for the Skripal affair.

The motives of the black-blue government that is siding with Russia are: on the one hand OMV, as the most important Austrian partner of Gazprom, is massively financially involved in this project, on the other hand the cooperation strengthens the deal that the FPÖ has with Moscow. The liberals have sealed a solidarity pact with Putin’s party after all. Furthermore: just two weeks ago the ex-ÖVP finance minister Schelling suddenly appeared as an adviser for Nordstream 2. Kurz wants to and must satisfy his friends from large-scale industry that he owes his election campaign to and who are against the Russian sanctions and is therefore currying favour with Putin. Kurz is throwing everything under the bus for this: more Russian gas in Europe means running into the climate catastrophe with open eyes.

Kurz like Putin is a power politician who sacrifices European solidarity, peace and harmony in the EU in an instant if it benefits his profit interests. Pro-European politics means defending Europe and our common interests. Let us not kid ourselves: Kurz and Strache live off division and dissension. This Putin course will gain momentum over the course of the Austrian council presidency.

Posted by Michel Reimon