Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is backing Europe’s right-wing populist parties. He promotes, funds and networks them and provides medial support in their countries. His goal is to gain geopolitical influence and to drive a weakening European Union into insignificance.

Europe’s right-wing parties are counting on the alliance with Putin. Their aim is to destroy the EU and to create a Europe with insular national states.

2017 could be a decisive year for this strategy: the AfD in Germany and the Front National in France are predicted to achieve massive gains in the forthcoming elections. The right-wing surge could go even further in Austria. If the extreme right-wing FPÖ win first place at the next elections, the country could steer onto a nationalist, conservative and anti-European course, just as the authoritarian parties have already done in Poland and Hungary.

The book “Putin’s right-wing friends”, which was published on 20.2.2017 at Falter Verlag, is dedicated to this group of topics.


Posted by Michel Reimon