The EU Parliament has just accepted a report in which a key to the combatting of terrorism is identified: financing.
To combat terrorism effectively, the financial sources of the terrorist organisations must be cut. All major data leaks in recent times, whether it is the Russian money laundering machine or the Panama Papers, show that there is a close link between money laundering and tax evasion on one side and the funding of organised crime and terrorist networks on the other. If one wants to combat terrorism, one must smash the circle of deceit, tax evasion and money laundering.
The ÖVP and FPÖ must of course also concord with this report. However: in the past both parties, including the FPÖ, have voted against it every time when tax evasion was to be combatted effectively in the EU. They spoke out against greater tax transparency for multinational companies, the FPÖ refrained from the elimination of illegal tax practices and the combatting of aggressive tax planning and evasion.
And even the Finance Minister Löger finds it – like all his predecessors – insignificant to prohibit the tax evasion and black money practice with new transparency regulations. At the same time, however, safety policy is the prime solution – it will not work out.
Already now the black-blue government is proclaiming loudly that they want to focus on the topic of safety and migration control during the Austrian council presidency. One will build a draconian supervision state that takes rights away from all citizens, build walls and construct a European fortress, whereas there is – apart from long term peace policy processes – a truly effective means of combatting terrorism: turning the terrorist networks’ money tap off. The combatting of terrorist networks is in direct relation to tax dodging. In tax quagmires, not only are millions of citizens’ tax money lost, money is also laundered and international financial streams are channelled towards terrorist networks.
If the government therefore really wants to do something for our safety, it should do precisely this: do everything possible to dry out these swamps and therefore to kill two birds with one stone: more money for the general public because we benefit from the billions of tax money, and greater security because the financing for terrorist networks is cut. According to the coalition agreement, black-blue has declared “greater (tax) transparency on the basis of EU directives”. What are they waiting for, actually?

Posted by Michel Reimon