For years we the Green Party have been demanding a fair taxation for corporations. We have compiled reports about Ikea, Zara, BASF etc. to show how corporations shunt their profits between the member states and therefore shirk their tax contribution. Now there is also finally a strong position in the Commission and European Parliament with regard to this, because we do not want any tax competition between the member states and no tax evasion by the corporations – only a joint approach on a European level is helpful here.
We the Green Party would even go one step further and demand a minimum tax rate of 20 percent for companies in the EU. However, today we were outvoted by ÖVP/FPÖ/NEOS. However, at least there is a common position. And what does our government do? It blocks with states such as Ireland, Malta and Luxembourg in the council. And ensures that the proposal dies off – because without the positioning of the council there is also no directive. Black-blue even goes one step further and thinks out loud about halving the corporate income tax to 12.5%. That is a pure securing of benefits for the super-rich and major corporations. And how do they distract from it? They declare catching some Internet companies with the digital tax.
Next week when the Commission presents its proposal for this, all the member states will applaud in delight. That may be important and good, but a pure distraction manoeuvre. A digital tax is only a small piece of the puzzle in the fight against tax evasion. The member states therefore shirk their responsibility towards a unified taxation of all corporations in the EU.

Posted by Michel Reimon