Why Germany, Monsanto and Cheminova are now bringing secret studies to court and what that has to do with the glyphosate investigation committee.

Up until now, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has denied access to studies that they use for the evaluation of glyphosate. One of their arguments against the WHO study result (glyphosate is classified here as “probably carcinogenic for humans”) was that EFSA used unpublished studies. We want EFSA to publish all studies that were referred to in decision-making, in the interests of the public. Upon request by the Green Party, however, they were not willing to issue these – their argument: a complete publication of the studies would damage the economic interests of the corporations Monsanto and CO.

Furthermore, it was not in the interest of the public, because there is already enough information. However, we the Green Party will not be fobbed off with partial information and concealed studies and that is why we brought it before the European Court of Justice.

Now suddenly since yesterday three further plaintiffs have received a legal standing: Germany, on the side of the EFSA, and the agricultural chemistry giants Monsanto and Cheminova. The case of the Green Party against EFSA therefore becomes the Green Party against EFSA, Germany, Monsanto and Cheminova. Of course, owing to the forthcoming merger of Bayer and Monsanto, Germany has a great interest in the business interests of Monsanto being safeguarded. The same Germany that suddenly broke the government agreement in the council voting about the approval then voted for it and therefore enabled the approval extension.

Here is the official document regarding the party standing:


Now in the European parliament we want a special committee to work on this whole farce surrounding the glyphosate approval, because since the Monsanto Paper leaks we know that part of the EFSA assessment was directly derived from the Monsanto studies. We and experts need full access to the studies also for that. How should be clarify something if information is withheld from us. It will be a hard battle in January 2018 to assert this special committee against the conservatives and the liberals, because they do not want all of that – no clarification and no transparency for the public.

Now Germany as a powerful player has taken sides with the corporations. Consequently, only the European Parliament remains as a place of clarification. Let’s break the power of the lobbies and corporations!

Posted by Michel Reimon