About capital tax and heritage tax: please do not jump on the bandwagon of the brainless argument of whether this money has already been taxed before, or whether these taxes are justified. This is not the argument that it is really about.

One’s own property is a question of power and for the citizens it is a delineation from the public, from the democratic state, or in their language: to the collective. Those who will never need the welfare state can easily abolish it. Even large fortunes may therefore not be reduced. This has nothing to do with fairness, achievement and justice, which is why one on a slippery slope if one enters into this discussion. It is exclusively about power. Of course, every economic liberal and citizen understands that the VAT has already been taxed before with the income, that achievement and diligence have been taxed, that it cannot be passed on to the children either. None of it matters.

VAT applies to everyone and does not relatively reduce the asset substance, so it does not affect the question of power. On the contrary, the poor must consume a larger percentage and consequently VAT cements the difference further. The same applies in principle to income tax for work. These taxes are therefore great for those who want to preserve the status quo – and boo to capital tax.

If Stefan Pierer donates over 400,000 euros to the ÖVP election campaign and Sebastian Kurz then wants to reduce corporate tax, then we must ask the power question rather than discuss secondary tangents. Therefore:  unburden work, enable small wealth building, reduce large fortunes, tax heritage.

Posted by Michel Reimon