Black-blue is doing a cashing-up and is “dismayed” to find a budget deficit. We will “be forced to” save, among employees, students, pensioners, patients and people who need help.

And today it was leaked that the European Union is closing a tax loophole with Liechtenstein and AUSTRIA’S GOVERNMENT IS DEMANDING AN EXCEPTION!

The agreement says: all 28 EU governments must be informed by Liechtenstein about the owners of foundations, Liechtenstein agrees and Austria does not want it. The Austrian government does not want to know at all who has black money in foundations in Liechtenstein. One has to contemplate that for a moment.

However, it is not black-blue but the current council of ministers, so with the reds, that rubber-stamped not participating fully in the agreement and leaving a loophole open at foundations. They do not want the money of the super-rich. Deliberately. That was on 11.10., four days before the election.

Christian Kern says that he finds that bad. Now. As the head of government, he has covered tax evaders for 18 months, despite the Panama Papers. Of course, it is the fault of the VP, he says, that is obvious, the finance minister, he was just the chancellor. That is taking the piss. Or: if he is really against it and as the chancellor cannot remove it from the agenda of the council of ministers… then he need never be chancellor again.

But that is not all: Sebastian Kurz flies to Brussels yesterday and announces the accession to the defence alliance PESCO. 23 EU states are part of it. The official goal is more efficient procurement in the military area. Savings potential up to 100 billion euros. However, it is not about saving: all the participating countries are committing themselves to an ongoing increase in the defence budget in absolute numbers. We will spend more. The exact PESCO projects, 47 in number, remain secret.

According to rumour, black-blue wants to raise the military budget to 1 percent of GDP, that would be 25% more and over 500 million euros. By the way, the defence budget is the only exception to the debt calculation of the EU, it is not factored into the savings policy.

Therefore: in Austria it filtered through yesterday that study fees are returning, we are waiving the money of the foundation owners – and Kurz commits himself at the same time to putting more money into armament! That is his priority setting… furthermore with council of ministers’ decree just before the election, that was in September, presented at the time by Kurz and Doskozil.

They are taking the piss out of us, all three of them.

Posted by Michel Reimon