That is now all a storm in a teacup. The negotiations will run for two years, today is just the opening move in this chess game and all participants know that.
Juncker and Oettlinger demand on the EU side as many competences as possible that then also cost money, all governments are up in arms and want to pay less. Only one thing was surprising: the EU Commission wants the reinforcement of border protection from 1200 to 10,000 employees. It is clear that it is also a chess move that is supposed to take the wind out of the sails of the rightist Europe-critical governments such as Hungary and Austria. It was therefore quite an uppercut today in the EP that Juncker delivered there.
What is clear is: Brexit is coming in 10 months and in not even 13 months there are the EU elections and then the Union must be set up anew – this applies to the democratic playing rules of the then 27, the working areas of the Union and finally also financing. It must be clear what tasks are administrated together and which separately. It goes without saying that we the Green Party would rather carry out measures in climate and environmental protection and therefore agriculture, transport and energy on a European scale. National climate protection is a contradiction in itself.
We will therefore certainly not simply fight “for more money for the EU” but for a relocation of certain budgets to where it makes sense. This can basically go both ways. I personally see control as my most important area of work: I do not want the pressure for privatisation and deregulation for important public tasks to increase further with the battle cry of “savings necessity.” Then the public budgets are smaller, we all pay higher tariffs and contributions for that. And a couple of corporations rub their hands in glee again.
However, the political fault lines in this battle are thereby also clear: pro-Europeans and democrats against nationalists and neoliberals.
Transparency and clarification will be our strongest weapon. Therefore: do not let yourself be distracted by the storm in a teacup today.

Posted by Michel Reimon